• The Kinety Onboarding Challenge

    Imagine an onboarding where you immediately understand the company culture and where you immediately understand how your role fits within the team...🀩
    Not sure whether your newest hires have had this experience?🧐

    Well, we launched the Kinety Onboarding Challenge to help you change that!

    ⛳️ Our mission is to help teams intertwine personal growth and company goals to maximize their impact on the company and personal growth. We believe both the new hire and the company will benefit the most by starting this process immediately during onboarding.

    Do you share our beliefs? Let's get started!

    1. Map out the company values, company goals, and team goals in Kinety.

    2. Invite your newest hire at the beginning of their onboarding to Kinety and show them what is expected on both work and social levels by walking through your company culture together using the value and behavior cards

    3. Show and discuss the bigger picture of company goals and how the team goals are connected and contribute to achieving these.

    4. Ask your newest hire to think about how their role and personal goals fit the team and company goals and plan a 1;1 follow-up conversation to discuss and document this in Kinety when the new colleague is fully up and running.

    5. Last but not least: Share your onboarding story in our community to get six months of free Kinety for you and your team! πŸ’œ

    We'd love to know how using Kinety to onboard your new colleague went.
    The following questions can help you get up to speed by writing your story:

    How was the onboarding experience via Kinety for your new colleague? To what extent was it helpful for the new colleague to get presented and discuss the company culture, vision, and team goals? How was it for you as team lead to map out the company values, company goals, and team goals in Kinety? Did you already plan a follow-up conversation with your new colleague to discuss their personal goals and the relation with the team- and company goals? Why or why not?

    🎁 We want to reward you for sharing your story by giving you and your team Kinety free for six extra months!

    Challenge accepted? πŸ’ͺ Create an account in Kinety via https://my.kinety.app, invite your team members (including the new ones πŸ˜‰), and deliver the most effective onboarding ever! Oh, and also important, let us know you've accepted the challenge by posting this in our Kinety Community.

    Reward requirements

    • Your shared story must be in English.

    • You need to add an image or video to support your story.

    • By participating in the challenge, you agree that your story may be published and used for promotional activities by Kinety. We will always contact you first.

    • We have multiple Kinety challenges. It's possible to join more of them, but we will only give away the reward of using Kinety for free for six months once.

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